The Vint Trio is a young and aspiring chamber music ensemble established in 2020. Coming from three different corners of the world, Hannah Koob, Carlos Giménez and Lisa Schreiber, all equally driven by their passion for music, during the recent years have moved to the Netherlands in order to follow their studies and take active part in the colourful and vibrant Dutch classical music scene. 

Individually having already played in some of the most prestigious concert halls of the country such as Concertgebouw, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and Tivoli Vredenburg, as well as being internationally awarded prize winners, the three of them have recently decided to join forces on one of the most beautiful parts of their profession: chamber music. 


Finally, their wish is simple but profound: to come together in order to play and embrace great music. Here is a determined and lively ensemble, full of curiosity to advance into the innermost worlds of music, and eager to take their audiences with them.