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THE FAT LADY has been making sparkling and always surprising opera theater since 2014. This opera group is a springboard for up-and-coming talent bursting with energy and passion. . The compact versions of classical operas, designed in a contemporary way and staged at unconventional locations, create space for a new vision of opera for young and old. Since 2019 Carlos is the saxophone player of TFL and since 2020 became artistic and production assistant.

The ZCO is made up of a mixture of musicians, varying from soloists to chamber musicians to orchestral players. This kind of ensemble bridges the gap between all these types of music making, and brings the spotlight onto every individual musician, as well as the orchestra as a group. Carlos is the saxophone player of ZCO and in this video you can listen to the saxophone rhapsody by Claude Debussy.



Carlos Giménez and Víctor Naranjo are two young musicians from Spain who willing to promote the amazing world of the music for piano and saxophone.

This combination is very interesting and fruitful due to the features of the instruments. Both of them can achieve a high degree of virtuosity and a dazzling variety of resources that has been

developed over the years.

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Mahler. Ablösung im Sommer.
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Moszkowski Spanish dance n.3
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Moszkowski. Spanish dance n.1
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Eurasian Tango n.5 A.Takahashi
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 Carlos Giménez and  Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe, bring a whole new sound to the concert stages with their unique combination of saxophone and bayan. Always keeping in mind the ideal of the Greek Orpheus, who could even move stones with his music, they go in search of special pieces and programs in which both instruments enter into a fascinating dialogue with each other and with the audience. By editing existing classical - and less classical - masterpieces, DUO ORFEO also adds a completely new layer and they are able to bring great music to an intimate setting.

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